Self-Actualization at 23

I have never been alone.
I don’t know how to be alone.
How do I love being by myself?
How do I love myself?

I don’t know myself.

I knew an idea of me,
Based on who I was in my
previous relationship.
But as my own person,
I have lost my identity.

At 23,
I am utterly lost.
I don’t know who I am
unless I attach myself to
another person that can
give me meaning and

I started contacting
Getting as much advise
as I can on how to learn
to love and enjoy being

After all the numerous
advice I received, I’m
still not sure what to

I leave you with this quote:
Years from now, you will find that the things you held dear, were all trivial to the core. All of those silly little things you cared about meant nothing, and the naive quest for perfection was a giant fucking waste of time. I wish you well on your pursuit of being.


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